Flamenco, Bulls & Local Folklore

Don´t behave like a tourist, we offer you the opportunity to experience the real traditions while enjoying.

In the south of Spain (Sevilla & Cadiz mainly), you will discover the hidden secrets and legends of fighting bulls and the philosophy and folklore of Andalusia country estates, locally known as “cortijos”.

Andalusia   Cortijos had continued to maintain all its traditions, we have developed different programs and team building activities in order to immerse the visitor in the magic of authenticity, the true-life experience that can be felt in the natural landscape where the first-class fighting bulls of the old days live in curious harmony with man, horses and  farm work .

We can prepare entertaining rallies, cultural tours, and gala dinners for our guests to challenge their ability to adapt to the lifestyle and the customs of an Andalusia Cortijo.

Entertaining rallies including

  • Donkey Polo Match
  • Wine-Pouring
  • Weighing the Lambs
  • Football Bullfight
  • Traditional Andalusia Cooking School (Gazpacho, sangria…)

Bullfighting School   (indoor session without bulls)

Amateur Bullfights
(capeas) to enjoy practice sessions with young bulls (tientas),

Country & Wild animals Tour

Dancing School
: Rumbas & Sevillanas 

Amazing Shows and Exhibitions:

  • Gala Dinners in authentic Tablaos ( flamenco show)
  • Bullfighting from horseback (rejoneo)
  • Rural Andalusian dressage (doma vaquera)

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